The popularity of the site has increased since it appeared in the Star Wars film series.

The number of visitors landing on the Unesco World Heritage site of Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry is one and a half times what is considered (...)

The fossilised tracks found on Valentia Island were probably made by an animal with four limbs evolved from fish ancestors over 400 million years ago. Photograph: National Geographic

The site of Ireland’s 365 million-year-old tetrapod footprints on Valentia Island in Kerry has been temporarily closed to the public. The tracks whi(...)

A GIS generated terrain model of the Newgrange flood plain at Brú na Bóinne showing the principal archaeological sites from the 2018 aerial survey.

The full scale of archaeological discoveries at Newgrange revealed by the summer drought has been described as “staggering”. A series of “immense” ti(...)

Trade unionist Delia Larkin signing the Anti-Conscription Pledge at City Hall, April 1918. Photograph: National Library

Dáil Éireann: The First 100 Years, 1919-2019 Tuesday, December 11th; Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin; €20/€10 The Houses of the Oireachtas (...)

Reverend Bridget Spain and Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Josepha Madigan at the Unitarian Church, St Stephen’s Green for the launch the Built Heritage Investment Scheme and Historic Structures Fund for 2019

Funding schemes worth €4.3 million for the repair and restoration of historic buildings across the State have been opened to applications by the Depar(...)

The hen harrier: A 2015 survey estimates that 108 to 157 breeding pairs remain, an 8.7 per cent decline in confirmed and possible pairs since 2010. Photograph: Mike Brown

The twists, tumbles and turns of a hen harrier’s sky dance are a spectacle not everyone has been lucky enough to witness in recent times. Yet while it(...)

It is remarkable that until now, Ireland has not had a children’s science centre. Photo: iStock

Imagine the BT Young Scientist for 365 days of the year! Imagine a science centre for young people where they could interact with state-of-the-art exh(...)

‘Haunting Soldier’: Created in 2017 in Dorset, England, from bits of scrap metal, this monumental installation is temporarily located (as above) at St Stephen’s Green in Dublin. Photograph: Ronan McGreevy

Few art works associated with the first World War are as impressive as the Haunting Soldier. Created in 2017 in Dorset, England, from bits of scrap m(...)

Ciara Ní Cheallacháin’s installation ‘Fallen’ suspended from the ceiling of St Patrick’s Cathedral. Photo Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

In the summer of 2014, just before the beginning of the centenary of the first World War, the tree of remembrance was installed in St Patrick’s Cathed(...)

The group from Donegal, who discovered the gold hoard at Tullydonnell Lower, near Convoy, at  the official opening of the Tullydonnell  exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA

It has lain in the earth of a Co Donegal field for 3,000 years, but on Wednesday night one of the heaviest hoards of gold ever discovered in Ireland w(...)

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