‘With so much business being conducted via video, people are keen to present a polished performance.’ Photograph: iStock

The past 14 months have been a bumpy ride for some segments of the learning and development (L&D) sector. Collective revenues at top-flight intern(...)

How to fund an MBA: A full list of all prizes and bursaries is available from each of the institutes’ websites and from individual departments.

If you’re considering a post-grad or an MBA as your next step, how to fund it will no doubt be top of your priorities. State funding, scholarships and(...)

Ongoing development of a strong talent pipeline is very much linked to the diversity and  inclusion culture within an organisation. File photograph: Getty

Coronavirus may have turned how companies do business on its head, but it hasn’t changed their fundamental need for good people. Without employee bu(...)

Full detachment from work, physical and psychological, is hard to achieve and can cause fatigue and potential burnout.

The online jobs search company Indeed has a global workforce of 10,000 people. About 1,000 of them are based in Ireland and work across all areas of t(...)

‘To not anticipate workplaces that are proofed against future pandemics is to go right back to the blind spot from which we all started.’

Will Covid-19 bring about the end of the office? It’s a question some businesses are considering as they look at ways to return to something like norm(...)

Enforced remote working can mean that those who are less comfortable with technology are thrown in at the deep end. Photograph: Getty Images

Working from home sounds great in theory, but if you’ve never done it before it can take getting used to. For starters the home environment is full of(...)

“They call Generation Z the “truth generation”.’

The Great Place to Work Institute carried out a study into hiring practices in more than 900 organisations in 13 European countries. The results revea(...)

 ‘Manual processes are very labour intensive not least because companies must deal with multiple registries across multiple countries,’ says Bonafi  founder Katarina Antill.

With a focus on pharmaceutical supply chain regulation, Bonafi is one of the latest companies to launch within the burgeoning regtech startup sector. (...)

The study shows there was a 115 per cent increase in the amount of capital raised by SMEs between 2016 and 2018 versus the previous three years

Incentives offered to entrepreneurs in other European countries are overtaking those provided here, according to a new report, which urges the State t(...)

A recent study found 50% of jobs will be augmented to a greater or lesser extent by technological changes in the next five to 10 years. Photograph: iStock/Getty

The impact that technology such as robotics and artificial intelligence will likely have on work certainly makes for good headlines. One doesn’t have (...)

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