The key from the criminals has been verified as genuine and functional by cybersecurity experts working for the HSE and the National Cyber Security Centre. However, it is described as ‘buggy’ and ‘flawed’.  Photograph: iStock

HSE officials hope a tool developed by a New Zealand company, which has been offered to the State for free, will significantly speed up the restoratio(...)

If there is a silver lining, it is that it will presumably light a fire under the Government to update the State’s archaic IT systems and cybersecurity services. Photograph: Getty Images

Wizard Spider, the group of cybercriminals believed to be behind the Conti ransomware attack on the HSE, likes to refer to its victims as “clients”. (...)

‘If the criminals are attacking targets in the West, Putin is not going to stop them.’ Photograph: iStock

Cybersecurity officials are monitoring the dark web for evidence of data from the HSE ransomware attack being dumped online. It is believed cybercrim(...)

Evelyn Ajie, pictured at Cork District Court, was sentenced to nine months this week for sending online child abuse material through WhatsApp. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney

The case of Evelyn Ajie, who was sentenced to nine months this week for sending online child abuse material through WhatsApp, can be traced back to an(...)

Encrypted phones which can be remotely cleared of data now being used in organised crime, say Garda. Photograph: iStock

The Garda is to focus significant investment in the coming months on cybercrime, which senior officers expect will soon be a major front in the fight (...)

Victims’ Alliance  said it had uncovered thousands of sexual images of Irish people being shared on internet forums this week. Photograph: Getty Images

Gardaí investigating the online sharing of so-called “revenge porn” of hundreds of Irish women believe criminal charges are highly unlikely. The matt(...)