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Brexit briefing: Michel Barnier was reporting back to the EU27 on his visit to Ireland (above). Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

Ireland will be used as a key pressure point at a crucial summit next month to force the UK to clarify its future relationship with the EU, Michel Bar(...)

Britain’s shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer: “Legal certainty is now needed.” Photograph: Darren Staples

Theresa May has told MPs that a “backstop” arrangement to avoid a hard border in Ireland will be part of Britain’s withdrawal agreement with the Europ(...)

 Owen Smith, the former shadow Northern Ireland secretary, who was sacked for  calling for a second Brexit  referendum. Photograph: PA

The British Labour party’s former Shadow Northern Ireland spokesperson Owen Smith, said there is no such thing as “a good Brexit for Britain”. Mr Smi(...)

The talks which began last June, widely described as “phase one” or the “divorce settlement”, concerned only the political underpinnings of the Withdrawal Agreement. Photograph: Getty Images

The agreement at the Brussels summit last week to approve guidelines for the next phase of negotiations on Brexit marks an important milestone in the (...)

Brexit: the Commons committee says London has made little progress on the problem of how to maintain an open Irish Border if the UK leaves the customs union and single market. Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA Wire

The UK should consider remaining in the European Union beyond March 2019 to allow more time to resolve issues such as the future of the Border, the H(...)

A House of Commons committee says the British government’s intention to be outside the customs union and single market but require no Border infrastructure is ‘unprecedented’.

There is “no evidence to suggest that, right now, an invisible border is possible” between the North and the Republic after Brexit, a House of Commons(...)

John Redmond addressing a Home Rule meeting at the Parnell monument on O’Connell Street in Dublin in March 1912.  Photograph courtesy National Library of Ireland

It was a small group that gathered in a committee room at Westminster on Wednesday evening to mark the centenary of John Redmond’s death, but a distin(...)

European Council president Donald Tusk speaking to the press in Senningen, Luxembourg. A draft of the broad principles of a post-Brexit free trade agreement between the EU and UK was sent out  by Mr Tusk to member states for their approval. Photograph: Reuters

The UK’s Brexit red lines have severely circumscribed EU options for any future deal, European Council president Donald Tusk warned London on Wednesda(...)

EU president Donald Tusk   in Senningen on March 7th,  during which he laid out draft guidelines for negotiations on post-Brexit ties. Photograph Emmanuel Dunand/Getty Images

“How often have I said to you,” Sherlock Holmes asks Watson, “that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must(...)

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s leader on Brexit,  welcomed as ‘reassuring’ what he saw as Ms May’s ‘re-confirmation of our December agreement on the Irish border’. Photograph:  Dominic Lipinksi/PA Wire

The charge of “cherry-picking” was still in the subtext of reaction in Brussels to British prime minister Theresa May’s speech on Friday. There was s(...)

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