Cian and Cooper. Photograph: Cian’s Kennels

Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the age of 14 is devastating, but for Cian Neary being able to see his Labrador puppy Cooper was a lifel(...)

In the month of November 2019 bed occupancy at Crumlin hit a high of 114 per cent. The recommended occupancy rate is 85 per cent

Children’s critical care units regularly exceed recommended occupancy levels and much-needed beds remain closed due to staff shortages, according to a(...)

Keira Bell leaving London high court after her successful case against Tavistock. The UK clinic is appealing the judgment. File photograph: Sam Tobin/PA Wire

The children’s hospital in Crumlin, Dublin, was given a “comfort letter” saying it was still indemnified for the continued administration of puberty b(...)

Medical gaslighting occurs more to women than men

Olive O’Connor knew in her gut that something wasn’t right with her new born baby, but no one would listen to her. Nurses said she was being over prot(...)

Newstalk’s Ciara Kelly: prompting women to talk openly about their fears and experiences. “I feel we’re pulling back a veil,” she says. Photograph: RTÉ

“Pregnancy never suited me,” admits broadcaster and mother-of-four Ciara Kelly, recalling the aches, pains and symphysis pubis pain she struggled w(...)

Billy and Lanlih with their daughter Emmeline.

It was during a routine anomaly scan that Munster rugby player Billy Holland and his wife,  Lanlih Keane, first discovered that there was a (...)

Senator Eileen Flynn: ‘It’s been a lovely experience, the last few days.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

Senator Eileen Flynn (30), the first Traveller woman in the Oireachtas, is proud of her identity. But she tells of a lifetime of hiding it. Having gr(...)

‘We now have hope with these relapse/refractory blood cancers where only a few years ago, we had none.’

Revolutionary Car T-cell therapy is set to become the fifth pillar of cancer treatment and is already showing dramatic results in the successful treat(...)

A dedicated telephone line has been established for parents and guardians who have queries in relation to their child’s scoliosis treatment/surgery at Crumlin hospital. Photograph: iStock

Our Lady’s Hospital in Crumlin is the only paediatric healthcare provider that uses a particular type of titanium spinal support rod which may now nee(...)

Réiltín Reid (4) with her sister Dearbhla Reid (7). Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Ciara and Pat Reid are parents to Dearbhla, who is seven, and Rèiltín, who is four. Rèiltín has Down’s syndrome and is profoundly deaf. She (...)

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