Richard King is the project leader with Crosscare Migrant Project, a non-government organisation working with Irish people both leaving and returning (...)

Photograph: Niklas Halle'n/AFP/Getty

With less than three weeks to go until Britain is due to exit the European Union, it is a time of uncertainty for the almost 400,000 Irish-b(...)

As a community, the Irish have the highest median age - 53 years - of any immigrant group here in Britain. Photograph: iStock

With a COMMUNITY of almost 400,000, the United Kingdom is host to the largest Irish-born POPULATION outside of the Republic of Ireland. Despit(...)

The Irish in Britain organisation said ‘a lot of uncertainty and concern’ remained about what would happen to social welfare payments - particularly pensions - for Irish people living in the UK after Brexit. Photograph: iStock

Access to social welfare payments for Irish citizens living in the UK, and UK citizens in Ireland, will be “guaranteed” after Britain exits the Europe(...)

‘I have lived all my life in America, but have always dreamed of going back to Galway, where she was from.’

Question: I’d like to know what sort of medical coverage I might get if I move to Ireland. I am retired and in my 70s. I have not lived in Ireland b(...)