Venezuelans cast ballots in an unofficial referendum organised by the opposition to president Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela. Photograph: Meridith Kohut/The New York Times

Energised by a massive vote against president Nicolas Maduro in an unofficial plebiscite, Venezuela’s opposition was considering on Monday how to esca(...)

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi: In recent months, as opinion polls have sometimes shown the No vote in front, he has pulled back on commitment to resign in face of defeat. Photograph: Remo Casilli/Reuters

It has been called “Italy’s Brexit”. Prime minister Matteo Renzi warns “there won’t be another chance” like this for Italy for the next 20 years. Ev(...)

‘While Tunisia has been regarded by most observers as the model case of democratic transition in the region, following the turmoil of the 2011 Arab uprisings, it too has experienced significant instability, although not on the scale of its neighbours in the region.’ Tunisians wave banners and their national flag during a demonstration in Midoun, north east of Djerba on March 20th, two days after gunmen attacked the National Bardo Museum. German writting on placard reads: “We don’t want any terrorists in Tunisia.”Photograph: ROBERT MICHAEL/AFP/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Tunisia became the latest country to suffer a violent attack at the hands of militants linked to the so-called Islamic State (IS). (...)

Anti-government protesters wave national flags during a demonstration in Tunis last week. 
August 6, 2013.
Tens of thousands of Tunisians crowded the streets on Tuesday
 to demand the removal of the Islamist-dominated transitional government. Photograph: Anis Mili/Reuters

Tunisia today carried out air strikes against Islamist militants holed up in the Mount Chaambi area near the Algerian border, an army source said, ste(...)

Baklis, the daughter of assassinated Tunisian opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi, holds a Tunisian flag while mourning his death in Tunis today. Photograph: Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters.

Tunisian opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi was shot dead outside his home in Tunis today. It is the second such assassination this year, and spar(...)