Amazon have started using small-scale “Amazon delivery partners” to deliver certain Amazon products.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge in online shopping, and most consumers expect their e-commerce activity to remain at the same level or increa(...)

ComReg says more than 5,000 new NGN assignments (1800 and 0818) have already been made as demand intensifies.

Organisations using 1850, 1890 or 076 numbers should contact their telecoms operator and switch to new numbers ahead of their withdrawal next year, th(...)

Nearly two-thirds of parents have rules about how long or when their children are allowed to go online. Photograph: iStock

Security of personal data and fake news are the most commonly identified challenges of online services, according to a new survey. Two-thirds of par(...)

Pay costs to staff at ComReg in the 12 months to the end of June came to €10.9 million.

Staff at the State-owned communications regulator ComReg shared bonus payments of almost €1 million last year. The 2019 annual report for the Commiss(...)

The blaze on Wednesday was extinguished by units from Cork City Fire Brigade and Garda technical experts carried out a forensic examination of the scene to establish if any accelerants were used to start the fire. Stock photograph: iStock

Gardaí are investigating an arson attack on a communications mast in Cork they believe is linked to a conspiracy theory that 5G masts are connected to(...)

ComReg has given mobile and broadband operators two days to reply to a consultation paper. Photograph: iStock

Mobile telephone and broadband suppliers are to be given extra radio spectrum to gather for the huge increase in demand provoked by the Covid-19 crisi(...)

ComReg says it is now a matter of “critical concern” that it is not possible at present to guarantee secure telecommunications networks in the absence of access by private companies to intelligence on national security risks.

The Government should give careful consideration to the advice it has received from the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) to allow int(...)

ComReg wants a mechanism for sharing and accessing national security intelligence “in a controlled way” and “particularly among State agencies”.

Intelligence on threats to national security should be shared between government agencies and with the private sector, the body responsible for commun(...)

The costs of providing services on 1800 numbers are due, in part, to high operator-to-operator charges.

New measures are to be introduced to cut the costs for businesses and charities offering 1800 numbers to users of their services. The measures have b(...)

Pure Telecom was spared a recorded conviction providing it donated €10,000 to charity. Photograph: iStock

A telecom company’s service contracts with 55,000 customers were not transparent about terms and charges, and breached communication regulations, a co(...)

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