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Competition watchdog to be given new powers to tackle ‘bid rigging’ which can be a problem in the procurement process for State contracts. Photograph: Getty Images

The State’s main competition watchdog and the telecom regulator are to be given new powers to tackle the problem of “bid-rigging” which a senior offic(...)

To SIM, or not to SIM? That’s a question that every Irish consumer with a mobile phone should be asking themselves. But to date, your mobile provider(...)

The European Commission recently told ComReg to get a move on and introduce lower wholesale rates. Photograph: iStock

Is it time for ComReg to get off the fence and push for lower prices on broadband? That would certainly seem to be the view of the European Commission(...)

Mobile network service GoMo is being investigated by the ASAI. File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has confirmed it is investigating mobile network service GoMo over its promise to provide early(...)

Jijay Shen: “Huawei will continue to invest in Ireland and to co-operate with operators to provide the best technology for broadband and mobile.”  Photograph: Jason Clarke

It’s not often you run into a Chinese person willing to give a view on who will win the All-Ireland final but Jijay Shen, Huawei’s man in Ireland, is (...)

Fibre to the home   subscriptions were up 129 per cent on the prior year. Photograph: iStock

The number of 4G mobile subscribers in the Republic continued to rise late last year as broadband speeds also increased, new figures from the communic(...)

Fixed broadband speeds increased over the year with 86.5 per cent of all subscriptions equal to or greater than 10Mbps

Half of all mobile subscribers in the Republic are now using 4G, according to new figures from ComReg, which also show a sharp rise in the volume of d(...)

Three chief technology officer David Hennessy: “By securing uniform frequency nationally, we can ensure that those living outside the main city areas can enjoy the same service as urban dwellers.”
Making 5G a reality

It is just 10 years since the birth of the smartphone. The iPhone was launched on an unsuspecting world on June 29th, 2007, and the pace of change in (...)

Eir is permitted to remove a payphone unit if the average usage over a period of six months falls below less that one minute a day.

The majority of Ireland’s remaining public payphones are not protected under Eir’s universal service obligations and could disappear under the current(...)

ComReg said consumers did not receive notification that they had subscribed to the ’Prize Club’ service or details of the cost.

Subscribers to a premium rate mobile quiz service which charged consumers up to €12.50 per week have been refunded €390,000.The Communications Regulat(...)

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