RIA gold medallists Prof Dan Bradley and Prof Mary Daly. Photograph: Johnny Bambury

Historian Mary Daly and geneticist Dan Bradley have been awarded Royal Irish Academy (RIA) gold medals – the honour is regarded as the highest academi(...)

Author Rick Riordan attends the 23rd LA Times Festival of Books at USC on April 21st, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photograph: David Livingston/Getty Images

Mythical Irish heroes such as Fionn mac Cumhaill and Cúchulainn may soon be found featuring in blockbuster movies as best selling US author Rick Riord(...)

How to fund an MBA: A full list of all prizes and bursaries is available from each of the institutes’ websites and from individual departments.

If you’re considering a post-grad or an MBA as your next step, how to fund it will no doubt be top of your priorities. State funding, scholarships and(...)

“Conversations about sustainability and fashion tend to revolve around the slow-fashion movement, reacting to our fast-fashion reality – cheap clothes, mass-produced in factories in developing countries.” Photograph: Woo He/EPA

At the Galway International Arts Festival on Saturday, I had the privilege of hosting a public interview with Prof Rebecca Earley, called “The Power o(...)

Ireland’s main universities have a substantial array of options, although candidates should always bear in mind looming deadlines and criteria for applications

There are a wide variety of postgraduate funding opportunities available to those seeking to expand their education beyond undergraduate level. The (...)

You may have to search long and hard, as many scholarships and bursaries are not widely publicised or promoted

If you’re looking for funding that could make the difference between being able to pursue postgraduate study or not, the good news is there are far m(...)

Actor Jeremy Irons has spoken about his involvement in the documentary ‘Trashed’ which was shown at UCC on Monday. Photograph: Blenheim Films.

People should not be charged to recycle their waste but should be encouraged to reduce the amount they are sending for disposal, Oscar winning actor J(...)

 Jeremy Irons: in the film ‘Trashed’ he explores the world’s most environmentally polluted places to reveal how rubbish affects our planet. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons will take part in a discussion following a free screening of ground-breaking environmental documentary Trashed at Uni(...)

Dr Maurice Manning, chairman of the advisory group on centenary celebrations: “We don’t see ourselves as being part of any agenda other than history.” Photograph: Alan Betson.

The expert advisory group on Irish centenary celebrations has said the holding of a public meeting in Dublin (...)

After playing a prominent role at the historic banquet for President Michael D Higgins in Windsor Castle hours earlier, Sabina Higgins returned to (...)

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