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As a general rule, you are not allowed do anything to artificially inflate a capital loss. Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

Back in 2006, when the exchange rate was about 68p to the euro, I purchased an apartment in Manchester with a sterling mortgage for £141,750. The 10 p(...)

If the house with the loss was your family home, you cannot offset the loss now or at any future time.

I bought a house in 2005 for €238,000 and am in the process of selling it for €215,000. I will not pay capital gains tax (CGT) as I am not making anyt(...)

Modernisation would generally be allowed against capital gains but, in the absence of receipts, I think you’ll find it hard to persuade Revenue. Photograph: iStock

I purchased a house in 1987 for IR£27,500 and lived in it myself until 1992. I then rented it until last year and the sale has been finalised this wee(...)

Any gift of a share in the property would count towards the lifetime limit of tax-free gifts and inheritances.

I have a query regarding a jointly-owned property with my sister. We bought it in 2008 for €390,000, and are joint tenants. My sister has pretty muc(...)

Investing in post-Brexit UK: price growth has been   muted   in London lately and values may  be flat, or slightly down, this year, according to Knight Frank. Illustration: Irish Times premedia/Getty

Thousands of Irish investors rushed into the UK market in the years leading up to the boom, attracted by better rental yields and a chance for diversi(...)

Investing in and carrying out the necessary work on a “doer-upper” for onward sale is a complex enough issue. Photograph: iStock

I have an apartment in Romania I bought five years ago. I bought it as a shell and have been doing it up bit by bit. It is still not totally finished (...)

A one-time titan of the auto industry, Carlos Ghosn is indicted on suspicion of violating Japan’s financial reporting laws. File photograph: Michel Euler/AP

The French government has told Renault to provide more details on compensation paid to senior executives via a Dutch holding company jointly owned wit(...)

A cohabiting one-earner household with one child would benefit from a 9 per cent reduction in their effective tax rate  at €50,000, which is €4,500 a year, if they were to get married. File photograph: iStockPhoto

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife. Or at least he should be, if he wants to(...)

Inheritance tax is a self-assessed tax in Ireland and not really an issue for an estate agent. Photograph: iStock

My mother died in August 2018 and her house is up for sale at the moment. There is a life loan on the property of around €200,000 which has to be paid(...)

In this case, your mother effectively handed over ownership of the property to you with what is called a right of residence. Photograph: iStock

My mother transferred our family home to me, her son, in 1995 with one proviso – that she retained a right to live there until her death. The house wa(...)

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