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Selling your property: bear in mind Revenue will want to know which month you bought and sell in; they don’t just round up to the nearest year

We have a property in Cork, which I bought with my two brothers in 1994 for £182,000. I lived there between 1996 until 2006. In 2004, I bought out my (...)

French mounted police at  Ile Saint-Louis in Paris  on the 21st day of France’s  strict lockdown.  Photograph:  AFP via Getty Images

The negation of the basic values of liberté, égalité and fraternité has brought out the rebellious streak in the French, and heightened perennial tens(...)

‘Amazon cannot act like this is business as usual. If distribution centres are not safe for workers right now, they should be closed immediately.’ Photograph: Ina Fassbender/AFP via Getty Images

There have been protests at Amazon warehouses in the US, France and Italy after the retail giant tried to run normal shifts despite positive cases of (...)

Your experience shows the perils of making informal arrangements to suit particular family circumstances

My father died six years ago and the estate was split among five siblings. We all got some cash, which we took, but the house was not divided. The hou(...)

Fianna Fáil finance spokesman Michael McGrath:  “Most people understand that Fianna Fáil wasn’t in government for the past four years. I had no department to run, no advisers or civil servants reporting to me.” Photograph: Dara MacDónaill

The portents are promising with Fianna Fáil ahead of Fine Gael in opinion polls in the race to lead the next government, and the polls also suggesting(...)

Air France-KLM head-hunted Ben Smith to be its chief executive in 2018, because he had played a key role in Air Canada’s spectacular recovery. Conditi(...)

A French railway worker on strike in Paris against the French government’s pensions reform plans. The slogan reads ‘Don’t touch my pension’. Photograph: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

French transport strikes will continue for the 37th consecutive day on Friday, following a fourth day of nationwide marches on Thursday in protest aga(...)

Riot police officers detain a striking train worker outside the the Gare de Lyon train station. Photograph: AP

French workers voted on Monday to halt production at a key oil facility that supplies Paris and the surrounding region, joining other petroleum indust(...)

Protestors march at Place de la Republique as thousands take to the streets as strikes in France enter their third week with new unions joining the strike on a crucial day between the government and the unions over pension reforms on December 17th in Paris. Photograph: Kiran Ridley/Getty

French president Emmanuel Macron “is inclined to improve” a provision that would de facto raise the French retirement age from 62 to 64, the Élysée sa(...)

Commuters alight from a regional train during a nationwide transport workers strike at Montparnasse railway station in Paris on Tuesday.  Photograph: Christophe Morin/Bloomberg

“There will be no truce declared for Christmas,” Rachel Picard, director-general of Voyages SNCF, the state-owned railway, has announced, referring to(...)

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