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There is unlikely to be the level of public investment necessary to create the kind of system many of our EU partners have in the short term. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The recent revelations of mistreatment of small children in privately run creches have a wearying familiarity. They follow revelations of the mistreat(...)

Association of Catholics in Ireland steering group member Jacqueline Nelson (right)  and Soline Humbert light candles at the association’s launch in a Dublin hotel on Saturday.  Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

A lay Catholic organisation that wants ordinary parishioners to have a greater role in the church was launched at the weekend.About 150 people attende(...)

Some 150 people turned up this morning to the launch of a new lay organisation for Irish Catholics. The Association of Catholics in Ireland (ACI), a n(...)

People queue to buy toilet paper in a supermarket in Caracas. Supplies of food and other basic products have been patchy in recent months, with long queues forming at supermarkets and rushes occurring when there is news of a new stock arrival. The situation has spawned jokes among Venezuelans, particularly over the lack of toilet paper. The government announced this week it was importing 50 million rolls to compensate for ’over-demand due to nervous buying’. Photograph: Jorge Silva/Reuters

With no miracle in sight, Roman Catholic churches are being asked to ration wine in the latest shortage to illustrate Venezuela’s economic troubles.A (...)

Labour Senator Mary Moran criticised her local Catholic church in Louth for giving anti-abortion campaigners the opportunity to speak from the pulpit. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Labour Senator Mary Moran criticised her local Catholic church in Louth for giving anti-abortion campaigners the opportunity to speak from the pulpit (...)

Archbishop Eamon Martin with Cardinal Seán Brady. “We can address ethical disagreement by consulting the faith of citizens, as Archbishop Martin recommends. Alternatively, we could rely on the moral experience of women as the primary source on which to base an ethics of family planning or abortion.”  Photograph: David Sleator

The current debate about abortion is fundamentally an ethical disagreement and, second, a political disagreement about how a State should legis(...)

Up and away: graduates are again facing the possiblity of having to emigrate. Illustration. Éna Brennan
The Class of 2013

The graduates of 2013 have been formed by boom and bust. The students who have just finished their final exams and are about to step outside ed(...)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Finance Michael Noonan were “
quick to hit back, insisting that international tax and accountancy rules were at the source of the problem rather than Ireland’s 12.5 per cent tax rate
”. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The propensity of the Irish political system to tie itself up in knots over arcane or even trivial issues, while gliding over serious matters t(...)

Pascal Tessier (second from left), an openly gay Boy Scout who had feared expulsion, at a news conference held by Scouts for Equality at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. Photograph: Rex C Curry/New York Times

The boy scouts of America has thrown open its ranks to gay youngsters, but not adult leaders, in a compromise that some warned could fracture t(...)

“I am still baffled at the inertia shown with regard to removing the education of so many of our children from the control of the Catholic church.” Photograph: Scott Smith/Getty Images

This month will be marked by thousands of new communicants entering the Catholic faith in Ireland. I admire Hilary Fannin’s ability to take a l(...)

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