Canadian Army

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Actor Michael Caine and England player Bobby Moore of the POW XI celebrate during a match against Germany for the film Escape to Victory. Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport

Critics of Escape to Victory down the years have often suggested that disbelief needs to be suspended from the highest rafter while watching it, which(...)

A Canadian recruitment leaflet targeting the Irish population

Almost 20,000 Irish soldiers served in the Canadian army during the first World War, according to new figures. A total of 19,327 of those who served i(...)

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Mark Scott signing the book of condolence at the News From The Past exhibition which is running up until the beginning of September in Sligo. Further information at

A local historian has said the number of Irish dead in the first World War may have to be revised upwards by a third, based on his own research. Brian(...)