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The report praised by the ‘Global Times’ said the Chinese killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 of the CIA’s sources in China, destroying a network that had taken years to build. Photograph: Dennis Brack/EPA

Chinese tabloid the Global Times has hailed China’s anti-espionage skills after a US report at the weekend said Beijing had killed or jailed up to 20 (...)

October 1961: a car drives between US tanks across the border of the American sector in Berlin, at Checkpoint Charlie. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Perhaps their proximity to events and having the power to make history distort the perspective of world leaders. Donald Trump is not known for the so(...)

Members of Atomic Energy Licensing Board don Hazmat suits on Sunday outside Kuala Lumpur International Airport  before sweeping the terminal for toxic chemicals used in the death of Kim Jong-nam. Photograph: Rahman Roslan/Getty Images

Kim Jong-nam, the ill-starred son of a North Korean dictator, was poisoned by two women who smeared his face with VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur Inter(...)

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, during a   two-day visit to Algeria – his campaign has accused Russia of attempting to sabotage the campaign. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

The resignation of the US national security adviser Michael Flynn over improper contacts with Russia has coincided with unprecedented accusations by (...)

Intelligence gathering: German chancellor Angela Merkel with US president Barack Obama. Photograph: Jim Young/REUTERS

In the Cold War era, the spy game in Berlin played out around Checkpoint Charlie, the Friedrichstrasse border crossing favoured by army officers, dipl(...)

Kim Jong-il is never mentioned by name in James Church’s books but his influence as “the central” is everywhere in them. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

In the murky world of North Korean politics, you find heroes in the strangest places. One such figure is Inspector O, a mysterious North(...)