Count Pawel Edmund  Strzelecki was a world-renowned explorer and scientist who volunteered to work in Ireland during the Famine.  Photograph courtesy  of State Library of Victoria

An exhibition in Co Mayo serves as a reminder of the hardship suffered by local children, and the Polish man who helped them, during the Famine. The N(...)

Young Irelander John Mitchel wrote witheringly years later of how England ‘sent round the hat all over the globe’. Photograph: Hulton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis via Getty Images

Writing about the Polish Count Pawel Strzelecki last May, I called him a “forgotten hero of the Irish Famine”.  Forgotten may have been overstati(...)

“It’s stamped ‘October 2018’, which must be  either a best-before date  or a half-life”

One of the revelations of last week’s snowstorm was how dependent Irish people are, emotionally and physically, on bread. Running jokes aside, the sho(...)