Look out for pre-lit Christmas trees to remove the annual light detangling from your to-do list

Turkey bought? Done. List made and checked twice? Check. Champagne on ice? Of course. Yet even the best-laid plans can be derailed by last-minute issu(...)

Dr Archibald Miles’ Compound Extract of Tomato is now better known as ketchup. It’s great with chips it will not cure your biliousness

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years people have been desperate to work out what makes them ill so they can work out ways to stop it happening. Bu(...)

Few lies can be told in one word, but “superfood” manages it. So what’s the truth behind the food?

Few lies can be told in one word, but “superfood” manages it. It is such an appealing idea: that some foods are healthy, some unhealthy and some super(...)

From left, D is for detox, M is for mouthwatering, P is for pulled pork, S is for superfood

Artisan: For many hundreds of years this little word ploughed a lonely furrow; it meant a person or group of people who made high-quality or unique(...)

Pierre Dukan: diet millionaire banned from practising for eight days and fined €6,000 over drug

The book by French diet “guru” Pierre Dukan, which has topped 11 million sales in 20 countries, claims that his complicated four-stage protein-rich di(...)