Demonising scientists who have evidence-based criticisms of the “scientific consensus” in the field of climate change is an insult to the subject and promotes scientism. Photograph: Reuters

Throughout most of my life science sat very low on the totem pole of public awareness. Most public attention was directed towards the humanities – lit(...)

 US president Donald Trump and Polish president Andrzej Sebastian Duda at the White House in Washington, DC.  Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

US president Donald Trump waded into the sexual assault controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination on Tuesday, expressing sympathy with the (...)

Circadian clocks affect all aspects of what humans do. The same clock operates in the liver, heart and skin cells, and is regulated by genes.

The fruit fly is “the star of the show” in studying cellular “body clocks” and identifying how to deal with the negative impacts of sleep disruption l(...)

 Thomasin McKenzie and Ben Foster in  Debra Granik’s new feature film Leave No Trace

It’s a sweltering day at Sundance London – the UK spin-off of the Park City festival – and Debra Granik’s Leave No Trace is the hottest ticket in a ve(...)

 Rockefeller University biologist Michael Young (centre) walks on campus with his wife Laurel Eckhardt and university president Richard Lifton after winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Three Americans have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries about the body’s biological clock – opening up new fields of (...)

At the end of 2016, some 39 per cent of Irish internet users were relying on ad-blocking software.

Adblocking software not only hits small and medium-sized publishers’ revenues but also their internet traffic, according to new research. A White Pap(...)

Anne Driscoll,  Fulbright scholar with the Innocence project (left),  with journalism student and volunteer caseworker Therese Ekevid, at   Griffith College. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The Irish Innocence Project is based in Griffith College in Dublin. Formerly the Richmond Bridewell Prison, a man named Joseph Pool was convicted of m(...)

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast have made a breakthrough in the fight against a hospital superbug which killed four babies. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times.

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have synthesised a new hydrogel capable of destroying some of the most potent hospital superbugs. “Superbugs(...)