Lindsey Jackson, who was married to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson , at their home in Tampa. Photo: Zack Wittman/The New York Times

Vincent Jackson had a growing family, a flush bank account from his sterling 12-year NFL playing career and a thriving portfolio of business investmen(...)

Safety K’Von Wallace of the Philadelphia Eagles is called for a penalty by leading with his helmet when he hit running back Trey Sermon of the San Francisco 49ers. Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Brain scans of former American football players reveal signs of white matter injury, according to research into the lasting effects of repetitive head(...)

‘In the 21st century, there have been eight epidemic or pandemic viruses,’ says coronavirus researcher Prof Ralph Baric. ‘I don’t know if people are paying attention.’ Photograph: Getty Images/Science Photo Libra

Coronaviruses are a byword for inconvenience; illness, disruption and death. Almost always in a contemporary setting we mean the pandemic virus that c(...)

Seeing the glass as half full may mean a longer life. Photograph: iStock

Seeing the glass as half full may mean a longer life, according to research suggesting optimists not only live longer in general, but have a better ch(...)

What makes a beautiful woman? Art and science have debated this since art and science began. Is it symmetry? Scent? The distance between her eyes? Som(...)

John Risher, 106, watches the game and records statistics manually in the press box during a University of Virginia home football game in Charlottesville. Photograph: Lexey Swall/The New York Times

Charlottesville, Virginia. John Risher drove north on Route 29, a briefcase resting in the car’s back seat. Through sunglasses, Risher, who is 106 (...)