Vera Baboun, Mayor of Bethlehem: “As long as Bethlehem . . . the city of peace is walled, peace is walled. How can the world live in peace as long as the origin of peace is walled?” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Vera Baboun is the first woman mayor of Bethlehem. She is also Catholic. It is the case in the Palestinian Territories that those cities deemed Chris(...)

Palestinian mourners carry the body of Mutaz Zawahreh (27) during his funeral at Duhaisha refugee camp near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, on Wednesday. Zawahreh was reportedly killed on  during clashes with the Israeli army in Bethlehem. Photograph: Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA

The morning of the attack, Subhe Abu Khalifa did not get up for work, telling his mother he was too tired and his feet hurt. He had spent the night w(...)

The dry tranquility of the dessert in Palestine
Walking in Palestine

I should have known it: Palestine time is the same as Irish time, only slower. I’d had the rucksack packed for a 9am start. Water bottle? Check. Shade(...)