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Property prices nationally rose 0.2 per cent in the 12 months to November as the market shrugged off the impact of coronavirus. The latest Residentia(...)

The differential in mortgage rates costs Irish consumers  as much as €80,000 on a €300,000 mortgage over 30 years

Irish home-buyers are still paying more than their European counterparts for basic mortgage products, according to latest Central Bank data. The aver(...)

Just last week, the Economic and Social Research Institute think-tank – which informs Government policy – reported that many Irish families could make “large gains” by moving a mortgages to one of their current lender’s competitors. File photograph: Getty

Up to 160,000 Irish families are out of pocket every month – by as much as hundreds of euro – because they simply haven’t looked at switching their mo(...)

The mortgage deal you got when you first purchased your home is unlikely to still be the best available.

Tens of thousands of homeowners are paying hundreds, if not thousands, of euro more on their mortgages than they need to every year, according to indu(...)

The Association of Irish Mortgage Advisors said while the rules have encouraged more prudence in borrowers and lenders, they unfairly penalise families who bought during the boom and now are struggling to find the 20 per cent deposit needed to move to bigger properties.

Mortgage brokers have called on the Central Bank to tweak the mortgage lending rules in favour of second-time buyers. The Association of Irish Mortg(...)