Boards and corporate governance need to go beyond accounting and structural issues.

A couple of years ago, I chaired a discussion of cyber security managers from some well-known companies. How did they guard against a hack attack? One(...)

Television broadcasters on Abingdon Green in Westminster, London, as a motion of no confidence in the British government was debated in the parliament nearby.  Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

Irish Insurers and brokers are getting ready to issue so-called ‘green cards’ to motorists planning to travel to the UK, including to Northern Ireland(...)

“Fully automated vehicles that can own the driving task from A to B, with no need for driver involvement whatsoever, won’t be available for many years to come,” said Matthew Avery of Thatcham research.  “Until then, drivers remain criminally liable for the safe use of their cars.” Photograph: Concept 26

We need to stop calling current electronic driver aids “autonomous” or “self-driving” because it is building up driver expectations of such systems to(...)

The Department of Social Protection said plans for a no-deal Brexit had been stepped up in recent weeks. Photograph: iStock

There is “broad agreement” with the UK to “maintain the status quo” in terms of payments to the holders of UK pensions in the Republic in the event th(...)

 Liz Truss: the lord chancellor’s  shock ruling saw shares in insurance companies tumble. Photograph: PA

The shake-up in the system for calculating personal injury payouts didn’t quite have the glamour of the Oscars. The confusion was there, though, follo(...)

UK Ministry of Justice said current legal framework shows claimants must be treated as risk-averse investors, reflecting the fact they may be financially dependent on lump sums for a long time. Photograph: iStock

Shares in insurance groups fell sharply as the British government increased sharply the amount they will have to pay for personal injury compensation(...)

UK insurers have warned that Brexit is unlikely to lead to a big dilution of the EU’s Solvency II capital rules. Solvency II, which came into force a(...)