With latest census figures showing more than 600,000 people with disabilities living in Ireland, the question of how to reduce discrimination for people with disabilities in the labour market remains pertinent for employers and the State.  Photograph: iStock

A key finding of an ESRI report last year on disability and discrimination was that the odds for experiencing discrimination at work, or while looking(...)

Make-up artist Noeleen Cunningham: “As a freelancer I was always burdened by a sense of fear about telling people that I was deaf in case they would say no thanks and I would lose a job.”

Getting your foot in the door of an employer is one of the single biggest challenges facing people with disabilities. Some won’t have the option, but(...)

The number of students with disabilities in higher education has grown more than 12 times since  the 1993/1994 academic year. Photograph: iStock

There has a dramatic increase in the number of students registering at third level with mental health conditions. Ahead, the Association for Higher E(...)

Adult education: even those who go through the third-level system may  return to education to upskill, change career direction, or simply to learn for the sake of learning. Photograph:  iStockphoto/Getty

Everyone is fairly familiar with the basics of the education system: primary school, secondary school, college and then maybe a postgraduate. But not(...)

Sarah Broderick (9) and her brother Daniel (6) are both profoundly deaf. Rachel, their mother, says: “Deaf children are succeeding more and more, because it’s more accepted that their education needs are different, and that’s not a bad thing.”

When Genevieve was diagnosed profoundly deaf at the age of two, her mother was consumed with worry. “This was a new experience for me,” she says. “ I(...)

Every third-level institution is required to provide a Disability Service or Access Programme for students with disabilities and each has facilities and philosophies centred on student needs. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

The late disability campaigner Martin Naughton told a story of arriving in his wheelchair at Dublin’s Mater Hospital in the 1970s and being faced with(...)

Emily Logan, chief commissioner of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, says it is important that graduates entering the workplace are aware of employment rights. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

Young, free and hopeful, you’re about to enter the workforce. You’ve a lot to prove and you’re determined to shine. But do you know your rights? How c(...)

Universities and colleges have been developing disability support services to cater for a wide range of special needs. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

If you have a disability and want to pursue third-level education, it’s widely acknowledged there are fewer barriers in your way than there would have(...)

The report found that the increasing number of students with mental health difficulties and their needs had not been matched by more services.

Obligatory training for academic staff and proper peer support should be put in place by all higher education institutions to help students with menta(...)

DCU’s campus: the university supports students through Dare and Hear

Those who live in a disadvantaged socio-economic area, who have a disability or who are applying to third level as a mature student need to be aware (...)

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