Life in college and the academic demands it places on you are different to secondary school. You’re now in charge of your own learning.

Download pdf of full CAO Round 1 points offer here  Many students who enter college through the Disability Access Support Scheme – known (...)

The Dare scheme has moved away from the exclusive use of medical criteria towards a holistic one. Photograph: iStockphoto

Third-level admissions schemes can play a crucial role in providing access to college for students with disabilities and those from economically disad(...)

Many students enter college through the disability access support scheme (Dare) and receive a wide range of structured supports. File photograph: Getty Images

If you are still mulling over your CAO offer, remember the current round of offers closes on Monday, August 28th, at 5.15pm. The final round of publ(...)

For students in transition to a new school or college, the noveltywill quickly fade as new friends are made and the routine of day-to-day life within (...)

Universal Design for Learning improves teaching practice by using all methods, including technology such as ebooks, Moodle for notes and Livescribe pens for recording notes

As the dropout rate for third-level creeps higher, we might solve the problem by applying the lessons of architecture and good design. Good des(...)

Employers and managers often experience fear and frustration around not knowing what to say or how to support someone that they’ve noticed is struggling in the workplace

While people have become more open about talking about mental health in recent years, it can still be something of a taboo topic in the workplace. A r(...)