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Instead of field trips students in the future will be wearing VR headsets that will let them explore the Great Wall of China from the comfort of their class

It’s hard to think of an industry that’s evolved less over the last century than the humble classroom. Sure, there have been some big technological ad(...)

On a green journey: Michael Kelly of GIY. “It’s not really about self-sufficiency.”
It’s good to be green

Being able to boast solid green credentials is no longer just a nice thing for companies to be able to use in marketing campaigns. Environmental consc(...)

Greencore chief executive Patrick Coveny: “Ashoka combines the passion, energy, and enthusiasm of the social entrepreneurs with better business practice and provides resources to help them to succeed.” Photograph: Neil Macdougald

Founded by former McKinsey director Bill Drayton in 1980, Ashoka supports social entrepreneurs around the world in creating sustainable solutions to s(...)

Mentors: Denise O’Carroll, Paul Knox and Fiona Ni Mhairtin with pupils from Castaheany Educate Together National School. Photograph: Alan Betson

Paul O’Hara, founder of the nonprofit company ChangeX, wants your help. He wants 100 people to launch 100 community projects over the next 100 days(...)

Students at Francis St CBS boys primary school in the Liberties, Dublin, take part in a yoga class. Photograph: Ashoka Ireland

Representatives from five primary schools gathered at Google Docks in Dublin yesterday to join the Changemaker global school network which focuses on (...)