Sinéad O’Brien, who contracted Covid-19 in March, at home in Marrowbone House. Photograph: Crispin Rodwell

Sinéad O’Brien still becomes upset when remembering isolating with her family – including her husband and two children – for 14 days in March in their(...)

Mick Waters died after a long illness with cancer at the age of 76.

Mick Waters, the founder of Survivors of Child Abuse (Soca), one of the oldest groups advocating for former residents of industrial schools, has died (...)

Perhaps reminders of difficult parts of the national experience should  also be present on All-Ireland Sundays in Croke Park. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

When I see the Artane Band perform at Croke Park, the industrial school established in Artane in 1868 usually crosses my mind, however fleetingly. I c(...)

Yesterday’s GAA All-Ireland senior hurling final at Croke Park: Cllr Mannix Flynn is triggering a debate about the connotations and effects of the Artane Band’s name. Photograph: James Crombie

The Artane Band could be formally asked to change its name due its historical ties to the notorious St Joseph’s Industrial School, following a Dublin(...)