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Smoke rises after an air strike during fighting between members of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Islamic State militants in Raqqa, Syria, on August 20th. Photograph: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

A US-led coalition campaign to oust Islamic State from Raqqa in Syria has killed hundreds of civilians, Amnesty International said on Thursday. The r(...)

Firefighters look for bodies  of civilians who were killed in an air strike against Islamic State by US-led coalition forces. Photograph: Reuters

Dozens of Iraqi civilians, some of them still alive and calling out for help, were buried for days under the rubble of their homes in western Mosul af(...)

Syrian-Kurdish women carry the coffin of a female fighter in Syria’s northeastern city of Qamishli  during the funeral of 16 fighters killed battling Islamic State in Manbij. The deadly US strike took place during a battle for the city. Photograph: Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images

The US military has opened a formal investigation into a July 19th air strike in northern Syria that local and outside observers consider the deadlies(...)