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Together-Razem director says even though many members of the Polish and Romanian communities had integrated into Irish life and know where to go for help, others remain on the fringes of society. File photograph: iStock

A new counselling initiative has been set up in Cork city to support members of Ireland’s Polish and Romanian communities, who are struggling with add(...)

The CSO Irish Health Survey 2019, published last December, found that there were more than half a million family carers in the country.

We all start life needing care. If we live long enough, many of us end up needing care and at some point in the middle we will likely be responsible f(...)

The Bangles: Michael Steele, Debbi Peterson, Susanna Hoffs and Vicki Peterson in the mid-1980s. Photograph: Paul Natkin/WireImage via Getty

Susanna Hoffs, singer, guitarist, co-writer In 1988, it felt like the Bangles had been touring endlessly. Our second album, Different Light, with the(...)

Police try to move people away from Old Trafford stadium after an anti-Glazer protest. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP via Getty Images

A lone saxophonist was playing in the sunshine outside Old Trafford on Sunday evening. This was after the tumult, after the crowds had been pushed ba(...)

It can be a challenge to make solitary periods quality time

Time alone. In some ways we’ve had too much of it during this pandemic, when social interaction is verboten. But it can be a challenge to make solitar(...)

Mental health organisations all report increased demand, with many reporting increased suicidality among clients, callers and texters. Photograph: iStock

Despite many commentators’ worst fears, and the dire circumstances thrust upon many people by the Covid crisis, suicides have not increased in the pas(...)

Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll is the first solo climber to make it across Patagonia’s iconic mountain range, the Fitz Roy massif.

The day after Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll turned 40, he stood alone on the summit of Cerro Fitz Roy, the highest mountain in the South American region (...)

 A mural of the late Sir Tom Moore, by artist Robert Newbiggin, adorns a wall in Southport, England. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

‘Old age hath yet his honour and his toil; Death closes all: but something ere the end, some work of noble note, may yet be done . . .” These lines fr(...)

As a profession, we are reaping the benefits of Trojan parental efforts. Photograph: iStock

There is a particular sigh that we emit when we finally find we are home alone. We all do it and if you listen out, you will hear it again when famili(...)

Stuart Staples: “I grew up in an industrial English city where people like The Clash introduced different ways of thinking.”

While artists are rightfully wary of reductive phrases like “lockdown album”, the extenuating circumstances of recent times helped Tindersticks get th(...)

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