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Approximately 50mm of rain fell in a short period of time. Photograph: iStock

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has said future flooding that closed the M8 motorway between Junction 12 Mitchelstown and Junction 11 Cahi(...)

The Government is currently considering numerous schemes to ensure the overall tax take from motoring does not drop significantly as a result of moves to lower emission vehicles. File photograph: Bloomberg

Rural drivers could be forced to pay higher levies than urban motorists if the proposed plan to tax the distance travelled by cars is introduced, an A(...)

Two thirds of people in Ireland are in favour of on-the-spot fines to deter “reckless” jaywalkers from crossing busy roads. Photograph: AA Ireland

Pedestrians using their mobile phones are in danger of falling into a “zombie trance” while crossing the road, according to a new poll carried out by (...)

Google said any bill banning the use of Google Glass by drivers would be premature, as product development  is still ongoing.

JJ Worrall Illinois, Delaware and Missouri are set to introduce bills to stop drivers from wearing Google Glass headsets while behind the(...)