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We figure out what paternity means by emulating or reacting against our fathers and their fathers and their fathers’ fathers. Photograph: Getty

Fatherhood is a kind of makey-up thing, it has to be invented every time, but it has come into its own in lockdown During the lockdown, almost e(...)

‘The fallout from the current pandemic might accidentally achieve more good for the environment in the next few years than climate-change activists have managed for decades.’

When Ireland began to shut down, I was 9,000kms away, visiting friends in Zimbabwe. Our long-planned catch up began to fissure into conversations abou(...)

A gondolier  on a Venice canal prepares to resume service as Italy eases its cornavirus restrictions. Photograph: Andrea Pattaro/AFP via Getty Images

Roberto Nardin, a 59-year-old Venetian gondolier, is the third generation of his family to take visitors to the Italian lagoon city out on its canals.(...)

Yvonne Watterson: ‘From where I sit in paradise, the truth is that I miss who we used to be.’

Having now spent most of every day for 60 days in a beautiful house that is not yet home, this quarantine has me in its grip, a relentless barrage of (...)

One reader booked a camping holiday at Union Lido near Venice with Allcamps.

The holiday plans of hundreds of thousands of Irish people have been thrown into disarray in recent weeks. We are continuing to get a huge volume of c(...)

The charity says it is ‘particularly worried’ about these vulnerable tenants who may not have a lease. Photograph: iStock

Coronavirus is putting rent-a-room tenants in the homes of landlords at risk of eviction as landlords seek to protect themselves from the pandemic. H(...)

Even if the situation seems increasingly dire and our anxiety is mounting, it’s important to tell ourselves the outbreak will inevitably pass.

The ease with which we now use words such as quarantine and isolation is remarkable. Quarantine has an ancient ring to it. First used in Venice, Ital(...)

Author Lynn Buckle developed mild symptoms five days after encountering a returnee from Venice who sneezed into her tea at a literary event.

Change your expectations now of what medical assistance looks like. Our health system is very different to the one we had until recently. I have exper(...)

Rome’s Town Hall is lit up with the colours of the Italian flag to show solidarity with the country as it continues to battle coronavirus. Photograph: Reuters/ Alberto Lingria

An infection control experiment that was rolled out in a small Italian community at the start of Europe’s coronavirus crisis has stopped all new infec(...)

 St Patrick’s Day parade cancelled in Dublin, shop window on Henry Street beside image of O’Connell St, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Tourism and business groups have said the decision to cancel the upcoming St Patrick’s Day parades in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavir(...)

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