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Mr  Richard Haass (right) assisted by Harvard professor Meghan O’Sullivan, speaking to the media at Stormont Hotel in Belfast, where he is chairing negotiations dealing with contentious flags, parades and the North’s troubled past. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire

Draft proposals on flags, parades and the past are reasonable and are likely to have the overwhelming support of the public, US diplomat Richard Haass(...)

Detainees sit in a holding area watched by military police at Camp X-Ray inside Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Photograph: Reuters/US Department of Defence/Files.

The US Senate has eased the way for the government to speed up the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to their home countries, a crucial step (...)

Retired US basketball star Dennis Rodman shakes hands with officials upon arrival at Pyongyang airport, North Korea. Photograph: Kyodo/Reuters

The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is set to unveil a star-studded NBA basketball team set to take on a North Korean side in a controversial match dub(...)

Bill Colbert: “The potential growth is incredible. The largest growing segment in the food business in the United States is ethnic foods.”

Bill Colbert worked as a carpenter in New York for several years before he won a visa in the mid-1990s under the Morrison programme after dumping sack(...)

Mark in the manger: the A-listers look less than thrilled

Bah Humbug! It’s getting increasingly difficult to maintain a stoney defiance to all things Christmassy, but I’m doing my best. I hit the National (...)

US diplomat Dr Richard Haass: hostile reaction to his initial proposals. Photograph:  Paul Faith/PA Wire

Dr Richard Haass was today finalising new proposals to tackle the three contentious issues of parades, flags and the past. The US diplomat is expected(...)

Russia’s Vladimir Putin said while the US agency’s surveillance ‘isn’t cause for joy, but not a cause for repentance either’. Photograph: Sergei Ilnitsky/EPA

Russia’s Vladimir Putin says the National Security Agency surveillance programme is necessary to fight terrorism, but must be regulated by strict rule(...)

Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman talks to the media at Beijing International Airport before leaving for Pyongyang. Photograph: Petar Kujundzic/Reuters

Former US basketball star Dennis Rodman is flying to North Korea to help train the national team and renew his friendship with the North’s young leade(...)

Executions in the United States are decreasing due to concerns about costs, flawed prosecutions and shortages of drugs needed to carry out lethal inje(...)

Big data: in his advice to the European Court of Justice, its advocate general, Pedro Cruz Villalón, noted the broad but potentially revealing nature of metadata.

What would the end of the current European Data Retention Directive (DRD) mean for business?Plenty, if the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decides to (...)

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