The Burren

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The affinity of the Irish pine marten’s genetic heritage with the martens of Iberia echoes similar molecular links in badgers and red foxes. Illustration: Michael Viney

The second half of RTÉ’s The Burren, a memorable enterprise, conjured brown bears, wolves and lynxes prowling Ireland’s palaeolithic landscape. After (...)

Techniques normally used in forensic criminal investigations have revealed surprising details about prehistoric Irish people. Photograph: RTÉ/Screenshot

Prehistoric Irish people were dark skinned and had blue eyes, a new documentary claims. The hunter gather population that lived in Ireland 10,000 yea(...)

Host Paddy McGuinness on I Can See Your Voice. File photograph: Tom Dymond

Paddy McGuinness has amassed great power in the world of light entertainment. His hair has gone blond with this power. He is lord of all he surve(...)

The remains of charred hazelnuts shells can be found in many Irish Mesolithic sites

Irish hazelnuts are hard to find, particularly these days. While I do know they grow well in the Burren, between travel restrictions and the weather i(...)

The Healy Pass in Cork/Kerry

With Covid-19 forcing most people to consider a staycation, The Irish Times offers a guide to some of the greatest drives in Ireland, first explored b(...)

Adare Manor.

With the country slowly emerging from a lockdown the like of which has never been seen before, people will be anxious to escape the confines of their (...)

The  Flaggy Shore on  the north coast of Co Clare

There is something about the Burren that draws me again and again, for no matter how often I come there are invariably new attractions to explore. Tod(...)

A notable entry in Mary Mulvihill’s Ingenious Ireland: The Coelostat from Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies which provided proof of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Maria Koutoulakis pictured with the Grubb Coelostat and Einstein Lens. Photograph: Mark Steadman

I was late for an appointment with my chiropractor when I spotted the book. It jumped out at me from a prime position on a front-window shelf of a cha(...)

Fruit jellies and crystallised ginger join Hadji Bey’s Turkish Delight

The makers of Hadji Bey’s Turkish Delight, first manufactured in Cork in 1902, have added two new products to the confectionery range: crystallised st(...)

Irish Instagram star: Eileen Smith, aka Eileen Style Queen

When you think of popular Instagram accounts in Ireland, you probably think of carefully curated pages run by young women swatching beauty products, d(...)

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