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Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull on Saturday, a day after the election. Turnbull is looking to independents and smaller parties for support. Pphotograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

For the second time in three elections, Australians could be in for a long wait to find out who will form the next government. With three-quarters of(...)

  Oposition Labour Party leader Bill Shorten with his wife Chloe (left ) voting in Melbourne, and Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull voting with his wife Lucy (right) in Sydney. Photograph: AFP

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten have begun courting the five lower house independents who look set to be kingmakers if the 2016 Australian election (...)

Geraldine Potts in Perth with Erin: “When I was in Sydney I was home about every nine months”

Geraldine Potts, Perth, Australia ‘I see both sets of grandparents missing Erin so much, and that is a negative’ Geraldine Potts has lived in Aust(...)

The idea behind the ‘Pin of Safety’is that it “marks its wearer as a safe person,” so anyone feeling nervous can sit next to the wearer on public transport or talk to them. Photograph: Getty Images

People are wearing safety pins to show their support for anyone experiencing racism following the UK’s decision to leave the EU thanks to a social med(...)

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull: Brexit vote “a sharp reminder of the volatility of the global economy”. Photograph: Lukas Coch-Pool/Getty Images

Years from now, when historians look back at Australia’s federal election of 2016, one day will stand out as having more significance than the pollin(...)

Jonathan Drennan (left) with Ben and Caleb (2) Hewett on Coogee Beach in Sydney: ‘I am not alone in my need to watch the games live, somehow believing that my remote presence via a shaky wifi Australian connection will be the lucky charm that helps Ireland’s football teams north or south of the border to win.’

My bloodshot eyes created confusion in work, it was after all a Friday morning. My colleague asked me was I wearing a pyjama top and had I had a big (...)

The long-tailed, whiskered creature, called the Bramble Cay melomys, was considered the only mammal endemic to the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian researchers say rising sea levels have wiped out a rodent that lived on a tiny outcrop in the Great Barrier Reef, in what they say is the f(...)

Farrokh Sekaleshfar, a British-born doctor and senior Shia Muslim scholar, arrives at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre in Sydney, Australia, June 14th, 2016. Mr Sekaleshfar told the Australian Broadcasting Corp that his decision to leave was voluntary and that he had not been asked to go by the government Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

A British Islamic scholar who toured Orlando this year and had preached in 2013 that “death is the sentence”for homosexual acts, left Australia on Tu(...)

TravelWise is a new app from the Department of Foreign Affairs which contains information on every country in the world. Photograph: Getty Images

Do not have sex outside marriage in the United Arab Emirates, do not answer a policeman back in Australia and do not insult the Thai royal family. T(...)

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull: criticised by  Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia for appropriating military terms to score political points. Photograph: Lukas Coch/EPA

When prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced an eight-week election campaign it was technically spring in Australia, but it was really part of a see(...)

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