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Heike Reichenwallner plays Angela Merkel in the ZDF docudrama Angela und die Flüchtlinge.  Source: ZDF

Angela Merkel’s protocol chief promised her a quiet day of speeches and handshaking around Germany on September 4th, 2015. When she returned to her Be(...)

In the American TV drama series Better Call Saul,  Chuck (right) is a recluse on extended leave from his legal firm who believes he has electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Every day we are surrounded by mobile phones, tablets and wifi modems. The radiation they emit never rests, and concerns have been raised about their (...)

Photograph: iStock

Dublin ranks as the 39th best city for the so-called generation Z who will begin to enter the workforce this year, a study from on-demand housing plat(...)

The concern about a possible increased risk of cancer is a reasonable one: mobiles emit radio waves from their antennae, some of which is absorbed by the body. Image: iStock

I suspect I’m not the only one who winces when I see children as young as eight chatting on a mobile phone. Although to be fair, the youngest mobile p(...)

Simone, John, Sophie and Jane at Chateaux Azay-le-Rideau in the Loire Valley.

The Swedes have a word for it: flygskam, or “flying shame”. Growing anxiety about the environmental impact of travel means more and more people are no(...)

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg after arriving in New York on Wednesday following a 15-day journey crossing the Atlantic in the Malizia II, a zero-carbon yacht. Photograph: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Her protests on Fridays demanding action on climate change have inspired children to demonstrate in some 100 cities. Her admonitions to grown-ups to “(...)