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1. The Fennelly Commission: It was established in March 2014. The commission was set up to investigate the taping of phone calls at garda stations and(...)

Rescuers looking at fragments of the engine and the landing gear of the crashed Tu-154 military plane after lifting it during searches in the underwater area outside Sochi, in the Black Sea. Photograph: AFP Photo/Russian Emergency Ministry

Russian authorities investigating the crash of a military plane that killed 92 people said on Thursday there was no explosion on board but they had no(...)

Richard McLaren, who authored the World Anti-Doping Agency  report into Russian doping. Photograph: Peter Power/Reuters

Russian anti-doping officials have claimed Anna Antseliovich was misquoted when she said doping in the country was an “institutional conspiracy”. Ants(...)

People stand near a makeshift memorial on a beach in Sochi on December Tuesday as rescue vessels search the area. Photograph: Yekaterina Lyzlovayeka/Getty Images

Russian investigators looking into the crash of a military plane that crashed, killing all 92 on board, believe a fault with its wing flaps was the re(...)

The IOC announced it has opened disciplinary proceedings against 28 Russian athletes who competed at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. File photograph: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Russian anti-doping officials have claimed Anna Antseliovich was misquoted when she said doping in the country was an “institutional conspiracy”. Ant(...)

Rescue services  lift a fragment of a crashed jet  plane from  the Black Sea, outside Sochi, Russia. Photograph: Vladimir Velengurin/Emergency Situations Ministry Photo/ AP

Russian search teams have found the main flight recorder belonging to a military aircraft that crashed into the Black Sea, killing all 92 on board, th(...)

People lay flowers at a Sochi embankment the day after a Russian military plane crashed in the Black Sea, with no sign of survivors among the 92 onboard.  Photograph: Ekaterina Lyzlova/AFP/Getty Images

Russia mounted a major search-and-recovery operation in the Black Sea on Monday for the victims and the fuselage of a military passenger plane that cr(...)

People lay flowers at  the headquarters of the Red Army Choir in memory of passengers and crew members of a Russian military plane which crashed into the Black Sea. Photograph: Reuters

A Russian plane headed to an air base in Syria with 92 people on board, including members of a well-known military choir, crashed into the Black Sea m(...)

Professor Richard McLaren: his report implicated more than 1,000 Russian athletes in about 30 sports in an  “institutional conspiracy” to use banned drugs at the Sochi and London Olympics. Photograph: Getty Images

Sochi has been stripped of next year’s bobsleigh and skeleton World Championships in the wake of the second McLaren report into state-sponsored doping(...)

 Team Russia with flag bearer Alexander Zubkov  during the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games at the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia. Photograph: Barbara Walton/EPA

The London 2012 Olympics were “corrupted on an unprecedented scale” by Russia’s government and sports authorities, who colluded to ensure its sports (...)

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