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The 133m Nachi-no-Otaki – Japan’s highest waterfall – seen from Nachi Taisha grand shrine at the end of the Kumano Kodo pigrimage route

At the end of Kumano Kodo, a 1,000-year-old pilgrimage trail through the Kii mountains of Japan, travellers are urged to step inside a huge camphor tr(...)

A store sign at  a border crossing between Chile and Argentina. Photograph: NurPhoto/Getty Images

We were warned that the border crossing from Argentina into Chile was one of the strictest in South America. The geography of the country, isolated by(...)

China is predicted to spend more than $1,025 trillion on aircraft over the next two decades.

Boeing has revised upwards the 2015 estimate of the number of aircraft China airlines will order from 6,330 to 6,810 over the next two decades. China (...)

Danny Sheehy, Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich, Glen Hansard and Liam Holden, who took a naomhóg, or Kerry currach, around 600 km of the north Spanish coastline on the final leg of the Camino na Sáile or “Camino by sea”

Musician Glen Hansard had never rowed any distance before he stepped into a naomhóg or Kerry currach in the Basque fishing port of Pasaia in May. S(...)

Securing a new summer service between Cork and Madrid is part of the planned expansion of Cork Airport and has the potential to bring thousands of Spa(...)

50 Cent: teamed up with Irish-based Hostelworld to show the world what it is like to stay in a hostel.

Hostelworld brings 50 Cent bling to video The rapper 50 Cent teamed up with Irish-based Hostelworld to show the world what it is like to stay in a ho(...)

Dennis Harvey with his girlfriend Mina: ‘I have come to Spain and Chile as a valued equal for whom every door has been opened. Hashem and Alicia have come as members of a marginalised underclass of immigrants who are given almost no opportunities.’

When I leave Santiago to return to Dublin this August I’ll have spent the bulk of two years between Spain and Chile. During my stint abroad I have see(...)

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