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Limerick Gaol. The early 19th century was an era of great political unrest, and public executions were commonplace, none more so than in Limerick, a hotbed of agrarian agitation.

Frank McNally’s narrative (An Irishman’s Diary, January 14th) on the paucity of native Irish hangmen down the years, brings to mind one of the last of(...)

Share A Dream founder Shay Kinsella at the  damaged wall where raider  entered the building in Limerick last night. Photograph Liam Burke/Press 22

Armed raiders cut through a steel security fence and tunnelled through a wall before stealing up €4,000 from a charity for sick children in Limerick e(...)

For two weeks in 1919 the ordinary people of Limerick city took over, creating, albeit briefly, the embryonic elements of workers’ control – of, some would say, a new society

“On Monday, April 14, there began in Limerick city a strike protest against military tyranny, which because of its dramatic suddenness, its completene(...)