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Iraqi forces secure an area near the Grand Mosque in central Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar province, on Friday, 2016, after retaking the city from Islamic State. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

As his armoured vehicle bounced along a dirt track carved through the ruins of this recently reconquered city on Wednesday, Gen Ali Jameel, an Iraqi c(...)

Iraqi soldiers advance their position in northern Ramadi on Monday. Photograph: AP

Iraqi soldiers began a fierce assault to wrest control of the city of Ramadi from Islamic State on Monday night, and by midday Tuesday had battled th(...)

A man inspects a  house  hit by what activists said was an air strike by forces loyal to Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, in the town of Marshamsha, in the southern countryside of Idlib, Syria. Photograph: Khalil Ashawi/Reuters

Saudi Arabia has responded militarily to the Russian and Iranian-supported Syrian army offensive in Homs and Aleppo provinces by providing anti-tank a(...)

Syrian Kurds waiting behind barbed wired on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey after they fled the Syrian town of Kobane. Photograph: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images

Islamic State is a hydra-headed military cult that grows two poisonous heads for every one lopped off. Yesterday’s attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait (...)

Displaced Sunni people fleeing the violence in Ramadi on the outskirts of Baghdad. Iraqi forces recaptured territory from advancing IS militants near the recently-fallen city of Ramadi on Sunday. Photograph: Reuters/Stringer

Rival powers and allies have traded barbs and accusations over the recent successes of Islamic State, a week after the militant group seized Ramadi (...)

Iraqi families, who fled the city of Ramadi after it was seized by Islamic State , gather during a sand storm at a camp. Photograph: Getty Images

A convoy of Shia Muslim militia and Iraqi army forces set out from a base near Ramadi on Saturday to advance on areas held by Islamic State, a Shia sp(...)

An Iraqi fighter from the Shia Muslim Al-Abbas popular mobilisation unit in  the embattled Anbar province. Photograph: Mohammed Sawaf/AFP/Getty Images

Iraqi security forces deployed tanks and artillery around Ramadi yesterday to confront Islamic State fighters who have captured the city in a major(...)

A car bomb killed 12 people and wounded at least 20 other in the Iraqi city of Ramadi (A on map) today. Image: Google Maps.

A car bomb killed 12 people and wounded at least 20 other in the Iraqi city of Ramadi today. The attack took place near a checkpoint on a busy street (...)