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Migrant shave  outside at the Vucjak migrants and refugees camp, in the outskirts of the city of Bihac, in  Bosnia. Photograph:  Elvis Barukcic

“This is jungle life,” says Wasim, a Pakistani who is among hundreds of migrants staying in a makeshift camp in northwestern Bosnia, from where they s(...)

Sahar Khodayari: the Iranian university graduate dressed up as a man and went to the stadium by herself – in defiance of an Islamic ban.  Photograph: Twitter

Sahar Khodayari’s parents would have preferred the 29-year old to watch her favourite football team on the television, but so great was her love for t(...)

Pedestrians on the streets of Tehran last February. Twenty-nine people, most of them women, have been arrested in connection with recent protests in Iran against the compulsory Islamic veil for women. Photograph: Arash Khamooshi/The New York Times

The office of Iran’s president Sunday charged into the middle of one of the most contentious debates over the character of the Islamic Republic, sudde(...)

Iranian students facing riot police during an anti-government protest around the University of Tehran on December 30th. Photograph: EPA/STR

Iran’s supreme leader has blamed foreign enemies for the anti-government demonstrations that have shaken the country for the past week. But the protes(...)

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani: the protests should not be viewed as a threat but as an opportunity. Photograph: Iran’s presidential official website/EPA

The protests sweeping across Iran sparked by a demonstration in Mashhad against rising prices and unemployment have been transformed into a broad chal(...)

The sacred shrine of Fatima Masuma in Qom, Iran.

A roadsign directs us to the Persian Gulf and our car swings a turn. Suddenly we’re driving into the evening sun; watching the golden globe hurrying t(...)