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This 3 Series is one of the very few relatively affordable cars you can buy that retains that sense of driver engagement and fun

BMW’s mid-sized saloon has got its mojo back after a bit of a mid-life crisis. The 3 Series may trace its DNA back to the 1500 saloons of the 1960s, b(...)

Some of the  workouts took place on the beach.

It was time for me to step out of my comfort zone and what better way to start than to sign up for a week of exercising multiple times a day, outdoors(...)

He was taken to a nearby hospital before being transferred to Sao Jose Hospital in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Photograph: Google Maps

An Irishman has reportedly been stabbed after being attacked by two men in a tourist resort in the Algarve in Portugal. He was taken to a nearby hos(...)