Phnom Penh

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Taliban members on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, on Friday. Photograph: Jim Huylebroek/The New York Times

The images of the desperate scramble to get on to helicopters and planes to escape Kabul have brought back vividly memories of that earlier humiliatin(...)

A motorbike drives past the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 prison) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 12 April 2021. Cambodian authorities called on US media group Vice and Irish artist Matt Loughrey to withdraw an article featured altered images of Khmer Rouge victims. The article was later removed from the Vice website. EPA/KITH SEREY

It’s not often that photo colourisation sparks an international incident, but this is precisely what’s occurred over the past few days, owing to a con(...)

Virus research: ‘Doing work like this assaults all your senses,’ says Dr Jessica Manning. Photograph: Thomas Cristofoletti/New York Times

Covid-19 arrived in Cambodia a year ago, on January 23rd, when a Chinese national flew in from Wuhan, the Chinese city where the illness was first det(...)

The health ministry said it sent three experts to the village on the day of the incident to investigate the situation and make sure sales and consumption of the wine were immediately stopped

Seven people died and more than 130 others were taken to hospital in Cambodia after drinking rice wine that health authorities believe was adulterated(...)

Gillian O’Brien: “It is unusual to go to a general history site and not to be told something about 1916 even though 1916 took place geographically in very few places.”  Photograph: Alistair Daniel

Author Gillian O’Brien felt that there was a tendency towards a ‘traditional’ telling of history in Ireland, and set out to find the darkness in he(...)

Kaing Guek Eav, also known as Comrade Duch: Prison guards were instructed to “smash to bits” traitors and counter-revolutionaries.  Photograph: Mak Remissa/Pool Photo/AP

The Khmer Rouge commander known as “Comrade Duch”, Pol Pot’s premier executioner and security chief who oversaw the mass murder of at least 14,000 Cam(...)

Wexford woman Christine Redmond in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Photograph: Christine Redmond

It’s a running joke in Cambodia that all foreigners either work as English teachers or for nonprofits. Typically, it’s true. I’ve been working in the (...)

Fergal Gaynor said he is deeply honoured by the appointment to the tribunal. File photograph: Photograph: Clara Sanchiz

An Irish barrister has been appointed to one of the most senior prosecution positions at the Cambodia Tribunal in Phnom Penh, set up in 1997 to try le(...)

Almost 900 years since its construction, Angkor Wat remains a masterpiece

Almost 900 years since its construction, Angkor Wat remains a masterpiece - so iconic that it adorns the full trinity of national motifs in Cambodia: (...)

President Emmanuel Macron of France speaks during a meeting with US president Donald Trump in London last December. Photograph: Al Drago/The New York Times

On a weekday evening, members of the French establishment queued to enter the Cercle Interallié, one of the most exclusive clubs in Paris, to hear Ren(...)

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