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Rent for expat accommodation in the United Arab Emirates is similar to Dublin.

Given the expense of life in the Gulf States, you can expect to pay very high rent. Andrea Linehan, who lived in Oman for 10 years, says rent there(...)

While you might secure a job from Ireland through Skype or recruitment fairs, it helps to get on an aircraft if you are looking for a job in the Gulf region.

Across the Gulf States, Irish people are finding work in construction and engineering, tourism, agriculture, finance, education and the medical pro(...)

Most expats heading for the Gulf States will have private health insurance, typically paid for by their employer.

Education If you have children, paying for their education is likely to be the biggest expense in moving to the Gulf States. According to the HSBC Ex(...)

Tourist visas (often given to Irish passport holders on arrival at your destination) can be obtained for up to 30 days (renewable up to 60 days in the UAE), which will allow you to travel there and find a job before making a move.

Broadly speaking, to work in the Gulf States you will need a visa – and to get a visa you will need a job. “A worker has to be sponsored for a visa(...)

Tax-free salaries are one of the biggest incentives for Irish people to work in the Gulf region. In most states, if you earn €100,000 you keep €100,000, compared to just €58,869 after tax as a single person in Ireland.

 The good news is that if you move to Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or Oman, you won’t have to pay any taxes on your income. Yes, you(...)

An important element of life in the Islamic Gulf States is how women are treated, and this tends to vary depending on the strictness of the regime in each of the states.

 If you are moving to the Gulf, culture is the one area where you will need an open mind and have to take time to adjust to, says Noel Scanlon, (...)

HSBC’s Expat Explorer league table  placed Bahrain in fifth position  in terms of attractiveness for expats out of 34 countries, followed by Oman (6), Qatar (10) and the UAE (13).

There are six Gulf Co-operation Council states: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Irish expats headi(...)

Chrissie McDonnell, captain of the Abu Dhabi Na Fianna ladies football team: ‘The competition at training between As and Bs is crazy, there are girls who have been here for years battling now against more girls coming in each year.’

County captains from Ireland have joined up with GAA clubs in the Middle East at the start of another exciting season in the Gulf. This year’s Galway(...)

 Iranian-Canadian professor Homa Hoodfar. Iranian officials have said the country has released the academic. File photograph: Amanda Ghahremani via AP

Iran said on Monday it had freed an Irish-Canadian-Iranian academic detained since June, a week after Iran and Canada began talks on a potential resto(...)

Darragh and Lorcan Adshead started school in London last week.

Last week, we asked Irish parents abroad to tell us about the school systems where they live, and how approaches to education there differ to Ireland(...)

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