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A TB patient in Srinagar in Indian-administered Kashmir. According to the World Health Organisation, there were more than 10m  new cases of TB diagnosed around the world in 2017. Photograph: Yawar Nazir/Getty Images

Last month Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau travelled to Iquilat, the capital of the territory Nunavut, to say sorry. He was there to offer nort(...)

Tempy, Orla and Oisin Osborne

Few of us become so absorbed by our Atlantic coastline that it sends us off on a lifetime’s odyssey, training a team of huskies to explore the high Ar(...)

Sea ice in the Northwest Passage near Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic. Photograph: Alamy via The Guardian.

The Canadian armed forces have sent a crew to investigate reports of a mysterious “pinging” sound that seemed to be coming from the sea floor. Hunter(...)

Readership patterns: imprinted on the Arctic snow by Charlie Bird

After about four months of complete darkness the sun has finally returned to this remarkable part of the globe, where I have lived for the past(...)

Why buying alcohol in Nunavut is a unique experience 3:08

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in northern Canada for more than three weeks. I spent the first one in Iqaluit, capital of the Inuit territory o(...)

Daylight saving: Charlie Bird with Jopee Kiguktak and his dog in Grise Fiord

In a way Grise Fiord, the village in the Canadian Arctic where I am living for a month, is like a small rural community in Ireland. You can wal(...)

Charlie Bird arrives at the top of the world 2:08

From the air it is hard to pick out the tiny hamlet of Grise Fiord. The small Twin Otter plane is flying over a frozen wasteland. Below, you can sp(...)

Voyager: the trip is a follow-up to Charlie Bird’s 2008 film. Photograph: Crossing the Line

In his first journalistic role since leaving RTÉ, Charlie Bird is preparing to spend a month in an Inuit community in the Canadian Arctic, to document(...)