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 Arturo Cruz Sequeira: the 67-year-old professor and former diplomat, who announced his presidential candidacy two months ago for the conservative Citizen Alliance for Freedom, was among the initial group  detained in early June. Photograph: Inti Ocon/AFP via Getty Images

The government of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega arrested five opposition leaders during a major weekend round-up, in what appears to be widesprea(...)

 Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega: will run practically unopposed in November’s general elections.  Photograph:  Marvin Recinos/AFP via Getty Images

Nicaraguan police have detained five prominent opposition figures in two days, accelerating a slide towards one-party rule. A wave of arrests of poli(...)

 Ukrainian health minister Maksym Stepanov speaks with Anna Ilina, a member of the Ukrainian Olympic shooting team as she receives a dose of Chinese-developed CoronaVac vaccine in Kiev. Photograph: Volodymyr Petrov

The Olympic Games and IOC are rarely far from controversy. Rio had its fair share and from the polluted water and the doping scandals to the US swimme(...)

Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega  speaks to supporters, next to his wife and vice-president Rosario Murillo,  on October 13th, 2018. Photograph: INTI OCON/AFP via Getty Images

Veteran Nicaraguan strongman Daniel Ortega has taken advantage of the Christmas lull to tighten the screws on opponents to his regime as he seeks his (...)

A container with the CoronaVac vaccine  that arrived in Brazil from China at Guarulhos International Airport in  Sao Paulo. Photograph:   Nelson Almeida/AFP via Getty

Having borne the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean will enter 2021 knowing they face huge challenges(...)

Women celebrate the approval of the abortion law in front of Argentina’s Congress in Buenos Aires on Friday. Photograph: Juan Ignacio Roncoroni/EPA

Lawmakers in Argentina’s lower house have passed a Bill that would legalise abortion in most cases, in a big step forward for the legislation that cou(...)

A man rides a bike through an avenue flooded by the passage of hurricane Iota, in Cartagena, Colombia. Photograph: Ricardo Maldonado Rozo/EPA.

Hurricane Iota flipped roofing on to the streets, blew down electricity poles and trees, and caused rivers to burst their banks as it battered northe(...)

Workers of banana fields come across a flooded road while evacuating the area in El Progreso,  Honduras, on Saturday, before the arrival of Hurricane Iota. Photograph: Orlands Sierra/AFP via Getty Images)

Iota has become the 13th hurricane of the Atlantic season, threatening to bring another dangerous system to Nicaragua and Honduras — countries recentl(...)

Residents transport their belongings during flooding on Sunday in Coban, Guatemala. Photograph:  Getty Images

Tropical Storm Eta unleashed torrential rain on South Florida on Monday after making landfall in the Keys, flooding roads and residential neighbourhoo(...)

A resident is helped off a boat after he was rescued from a flooded area in the neighbourhood of Planeta, Honduras, on  Thursday.  Photograph: Delmer Martinez/AP

The remains of Hurricane Eta dumped more torrential rain across large parts of Central America early on Friday after days of devastating floods and l(...)

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