Demonstrator raises fist while marching on street during protest against Kyle Rittenhouse not-guilty verdict near the Barclays Center in New York. Photograph: Yuki Iwamura/AFP via Getty

Small groups of protesters angry over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict demonstrated on Friday evening in Chicago, New York, Portland, Oregon, and a few ot(...)

People rest at the Oregon Convention Center cooling station in Oregon, Portland on Monday. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

The hottest day of an unprecedented and dangerous heatwave scorched the US Pacific Northwest on Monday, with temperatures breaking records that had be(...)

 The ‘Wall of Moms’ form a line at a  Black Lives Matter protest in July  against racism and police brutality in downtown Portland, Oregon. Photograph: David Swanson/EPA

One month ago, Portlanders took to Facebook to alert friends and family outside the city: “I’ve been marked safe from living in an anarchist jurisdict(...)

Members of the Proud Boys and their supporters march during a rally in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday. Photograph: Jim Urquhart/Reuters

Portland saw its largest far-right demonstration of the Trump era on Saturday, as 500 right-wingers travelled from around the United States to march b(...)