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Last year’s number one slips a few places, mostly because many of its abilities (chiefly its range) have been overtaken by more affordable rivals. The(...)

There is a school of thought that asks what’s the point in buying a vastly more expensive S-Class when the E-Class is already so excellent a car? Whic(...)

Dacia’s small SUV still hits its value marks, even if it has become of late rather more expensive than it used to be. A starting price of €17,890 is h(...)

The 5 Series may be, currently, a little overshadowed by the new 3 Series, but it has one major advantage on its side - it was designed before BMW’s s(...)

The Mercedes-Benz GLB takes some styling cues from the company’s glorious G-Wagon, though not quite enough in our opinion

Mercedes-Benz is adding yet another flavour to its alphabet soup of SUVs. Still don’t believe it’s about crossovers and not cars these days? How abou(...)

With yellow and orange rain warnings in place across the country right now, you might be wondering which cars are the best ones to drive through deep,(...)

Merc’s mid-size SUV makes a strong case for itself, even in a world where you can now buy a 400hp, 400km-range electric car (the EQC) built on basical(...)

Tesla’s big saloon is priced to rival the likes of the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series, and that folks is what we call serious ambition. The thing(...)

‘Formula One is effectively reinventing itself through individual teams, whereby the racing on a Sunday is actually showcasing the technological ability that you can sell to companies Monday to Friday,’ says Mark Gallagher. Photograph: Max Earey

Mark Gallagher is a name that won’t be familiar to many outside of motor racing, but he’s a hero to almost all of us. That’s because he was – in larg(...)

Find the Comfort Plus setting in the iDrive menu to set the air springs to their softest and you have a car that does a convincing impression of a 1970s Citroen in the ride comfort stakes

BMW’s luxury limo was given a facelift this year, but it was sadly rather of the Jocelyn Wildenstein variety. What once was a handsome, understated lu(...)

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