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Senator Catherine Noone said the public sees the Seanad “as a creche or a retirement home’’. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Government Ministers should not have lost their State cars and drivers, Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone has said. “We get no gratitude for that kin(...)

Smooth ride: the Lexus LS doesn’t drive so much as waft along on gilded wings

If diesel really is dead then premium brands have more to worry about than most. The Lexus advertising tagline is a smart marketing ploy, casting a ni(...)

A recent survey suggested commercial demand for driverless cars may not be as strong as we assume.  Photograph: iStock

For close on a decade now, robot cars have been dominating the automotive headlines. Ever since Google, especially, began to seriously work on and tes(...)

Toyota is the leading brand with 2,104 registrations, followed by Hyundai with 1,931, Ford with 1,665, Nissan with 1,351 and Kia with 1,029. Photograph: Getty Images

Initial registration figures for the first 10 days of January show 15,790 new car sales, up 1.7 per cent on the same period last year. While industry(...)

Until longer-range models arrive, and until there’s a proper network of  charging points, the old-school hybrid can still teach plugins and EVs a thing or two

Hybrids have been around for 20 years now. It was in 1997 that Toyota and Honda vied to get the first hybrid half-electric, half-petrol car on sale to(...)

Mercedes-Benz is on a remarkable sales surge in Ireland, thanks in no small part to a mammoth product offensive and some very enticing prices, that su(...)

It’s not often we opt for the back seat in a test drive but in this case it was mandatory. There are two types of buyers for luxury cars: those who dr(...)

The quiet one. While the BMW 3 Series hogs the handling headlines, the Mercedes C-Class takes the image plaudits, and the Jaguar XE, Alfa Giulia, and (...)

Ahead of its official unveiling at the Los Angeles motor show, the first images and details of the new Mercedes-Benz CLS have leaked online. Fans of t(...)

The Volkswagen Passat is like a Tissot watch. It is neither as show-off-y nor as glamorous as the more celebrated brands - for Rolex, TAG, and Omega r(...)

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