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A security officer in Caracas speaks to people detained while he explains the importance of abiding by quarantine measures. Photograph: Adriana Loureiro Fernandez/The New York Times

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela has tackled coronavirus much as he has any internal threat to his rule: by deploying his repressive security app(...)

People cross from San Antonio del Tachira in Venezuela to Cucuta in Colombia through ‘trochas’ – illegal trails – near the Simon Bolivar international bridge, on November 20th 2019. Photograph: Schneyder Mendoza/AFP via Getty

Emma Perez is banging on the heavy metal door of the soup kitchen hoping to get her family something to eat. She arrived in Colombia the previous nigh(...)

Patients on dialysis wait at a closed clinic during a power outage in Caracas. Photograph: by Federico Parra/AFP/Getty Images

Venezuela’s government told workers and school children to stay home on Tuesday as the second major blackout this month left the streets of Caracas mo(...)

Flavia Camejo from Venezuela: ‘I think the adrenalin of being a journalist in one of the most dangerous countries in the world just kept me going.' Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Internships are never easy. The hours are long, the pay is minuscule and there’s no guarantee of a job at the end of your placement. Flavia Camejo’s i(...)

Patricia Towey, centre,  is information and services co-ordinator of the Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Pope Francis is the first pope to recognise Huntington’s Disease (HD) and he will do so publicly at an audience in the Vatican this Thursday. There he(...)

Damaged goods lie scattered on the floor of a looted store in the town of La Fria in Tachira, Venezuela, on Monday.  Photograph: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg

The 100-bolivar bill was nearly worthless already when Venezuela ’s president Nicolás Maduro attempted to make it completely useless. The bill fetche(...)