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An alleged Boko Haram soldier standing in front of a group of girls alleged to be some of the 276 abducted Chibok schoolgirls held since April 2014, in an unknown location. Photograph: Militant video/Site Institute via AP

For nearly 13 years the brutal insurgency that has traumatised and impoverished northeast Nigeria has driven some 2.4 million people from their homes (...)

Falmata Bulama (30) has been displaced for seven years and her children have nothing to eat. Photograph: Sally Hayden

“We ran. That was how I survived and got to this place,” says Tijani Umara, a 65-year-old who fled the Islamic insurgent group Boko Haram seven years (...)

Falmata Mustapha earns barely enough money to survive. Photograph: Sally Hayden

Ibrahim was still a teenager when Boko Haram took over his town, its fighters raging through the streets he had grown up on, slitting the throats of h(...)

Usman, Danec, Hadiza and Ummate, students at Moduganari Primary and Secondary School in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria. Photograph:  Sally Hayden

Head teacher Sani Garba Mohammed stands in front of a blackboard reading “R data processing” in the El Ansar Islamiya school in Maiduguri, northeast N(...)

Aisha Mohammed and her two-year-old son, Umar, who is being treated for cholera. Photograph: Sally Hayden

It was the middle of the night when Aisha Mohammed noticed her two-year-old son, Umar, had started vomiting. Then he started “passing watery stool, li(...)

 Street in Maiduguri: People in the city are afraid of a compound now containing former Boko Haram extremists. Photograph: Tom Saater/New York Times

For over a decade, the extremist group Boko Haram has terrorised northeastern Nigeria – killing tens of thousands of people, kidnapping schoolgirls an(...)

 Nigerian children are screened, and sometimes interrogated, tortured and imprisoned, as they flee Boko Haram. Photograph: Boureima Hama/AFP/Getty Images

At least 10,000 people, including many children, have died in military detention during the Boko Haram insurgency in northeast Nigeria, according to A(...)

Aerial view of Gwoza, the town that became the headquarters of Boko Haram’s short-lived caliphate from 2014-2015. Photograph: Sally Hayden

Two girls blew themselves up outside a mosque at the former headquarters of Islamist militant group Boko Haram, in the early hours of Sunday – the lat(...)

Nigeria has been warned it risks a humanitarian disaster if the government goes ahead with its threat to throw aid agencies out of the northeast of th(...)

Soldiers close to offices of humanitarian group, Action Against Hunger in Maiduguri, Nigeria, September 19th. Photograph: Audu Marte/ AFP/Getty

The Nigerian military has forced international non-governmental organisation Action Against Hunger to stop providing aid in northeast Nigeria, accusin(...)

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