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With over 2,300 inmates in 1850, Spike Island was by far the largest prison in the United Kingdom as it was then constituted.

Spike Island in Cork has been named as Europe’s leading tourist attraction at the prestigious World Travel Awards 2017. The former prison site beat o(...)

Emergency workers secure the site where a large tree fell in Largo da Fonte on  Portugal’s Madeira island. Photograph: Homem De Gouevia/EPA.

A tree toppled into a crowd of worshippers during a major Christian festival on the Portuguese island of Madeira on Tuesday, killing 12 people and lea(...)

Woman tried to swim back to the ship after she saw it sailing away, thinking her husband might have been on board. Photograph: Getty images

A 65-year-old British woman told police in Portugal she tried to swim out to her passing cruise ship in the dark before being rescued by fishermen aft(...)

Start small – go for short, local walks, monitor your progress, increase the distance. Photograph: Frank Miller
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  • September 13, 2013, 14:16

When I sat down to write this article, I was scratching around trying to find a hook that would kick off the piece. What was it that enticed me to (...)

The Pico Arieiro path

During my age of innocence, Madeira was a dry-ish cake preferably served with a generous layer of butter. Later still, Madeira became an unpleasant sm(...)