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At ClassicsNow festival, audiences are invited to explore the  arts and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome.

Ranging from Irish theatre and dance to language, literature and myth, the first ClassicsNow programme begins on Friday, November 13th. In a new weeke(...)

Fiona Shaw: “What we are trying to find is the opera behind the opera”

September 13th Driving across the bridge; the two Pugin steeples; in minutes we are swallowed by Wexford’s streets. The corridors of the opera house (...)

Can we afford the luxury of spending time reading ancient texts in this modern world? Pictured is Achilles Defeating Hector, 1630-32 (oil on panel) by Peter Paul Rubens. Photograph: Bridgeman/Getty

Why bother to read the Classics today? Haven’t those ancient Greek and Latin books gone way past their user date? Can we afford the luxury of spending(...)

Weekend in . . . Athens
  • Travel
  • November 3, 2014, 01:00

After years of dreadful press that defined Athens as a broken-down capital prone to fiery riots, the city’s self-confidence and creativity are stirrin(...)